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What is the Campaign for Newcastle?

The Campaign is the University’s largest ever institution-wide fundraising initiative. It is a rallying cry to celebrate and strengthen the very best of Newcastle for future generations.  

The aim of the Campaign is to inspire a spirit of philanthropy across the University and our global alumni community and to significantly boost support for future students, future research and a future of positive change in our city and around the world. 

Why are you running a campaign?

Newcastle University is founded on a bedrock of philanthropy and donations continue to be a vital source of funding for students and research.  

We want Newcastle University to be as strong as possible for decades to come. By significantly increasing the level of donations, we will be able to face the future with greater resilience, greater freedom to innovate and a greater ability to help those most in need of additional support.  

What are you raising money for?

We are raising money to support future students, future research and a future of positive change in our city and around the world.  Everything we do is driven by the desire to achieve a positive impact in society, be that for children who will need the very best possible advances in medical care to overcome cancer in the future, or for a community in the global south facing the stark realities of climate change.   

Our Campaign Causes represent the very best of Newcastle University: 

  • Our students: Empowering students to realise their ambitions and succeed in their chosen career and providing support in times of greatest need. 
  • Our health and wellbeing: Helping future generations to lead healthier, happier and longer lives, through our medical training and scientific discovery. 
  • Our shared planet: Galvanising all our resources towards a fairer, stronger and more sustainable future. 
  • Our communities: Working to improve the economy, health and cultural richness of our communities, in the North East, and across the globe. 
  • Our future technologies: Providing solutions to future challenges by building on our strengths in innovation, engineering and technology. 
  • Our cultural and creative worlds: Enriching lives across the lifespan, through expanding, promoting and protecting our cultural and creative worlds. 
What's the target?

Our goal is to raise £300m within the next 10 years.

Why is the Campaign 10 years long?

This is an investment in the long-term future of Newcastle University. The funds that we raise now will benefit future generations and we want to make sure that a spirit of philanthropy is firmly embedded in the life of the University.   

What can I do to help?

The simplest way to help is by making a donation to the Campaign at whatever level is right for you. We have a range of Causes to match your interests from supporting students or promoting culture and the arts to investing in life-saving medical research. 

Regular donations make it possible for us to plan ahead with confidence and respond quickly to urgent needs as and when these arise. You can make a single or regular online donation here.  

You may also wish to consider leaving the University a bequest in your Will and we would be pleased to speak to you about your legacy donation. 

If you are considering giving to Newcastle, at any level, our professional Philanthropy Advisors will always take the time to understand your circumstances and ambitions so that you can be sure that your donations will achieve the greatest possible impact. Please contact Alexa Mapplebeck, Head of Individual Giving at to discuss your support. 

  • Individuals– Our alumni and supporters are our greatest ambassadors. This is a Campaign for the future success of your university, and we are very grateful for the advice and support you offer us. As well as considering a donation, there are lots of ways to get involved as a volunteer. For more information contact 
  • Companies – Supporting the Campaign is an excellent way for your company to visibly express a commitment to the social value of education and research. It can also help to further connect you with Newcastle’s students and research community. Our Corporate and Foundation Relations team can advise on the options available to companies, please contact Peter Kelly, Philanthropy Manager on 
Why should I support?

The Campaign is an invitation to our students, colleagues, alumni and supporters to invest in the future of Newcastle University. Our supporters make an invaluable contribution to students, academic life and to fellow graduates and enjoy a close relationship with the University, seeing first-hand the impact that they have. By donating to Newcastle University, you are supporting the next generation of students and helping us to push ahead with cutting-edge research tackling some of the world's biggest issues.  

What will my donation support?

100% of your donation goes directly to the Cause that you choose to support. Donors can choose to give to any of our Campaign Causes with a commitment from the University to ensure that your money makes the greatest possible impact.  If you would like advice on supporting a specific area or project, please contact Aerian Rogers, Head of Philanthropy at 


Can you claim gift aid on my donation?

The University of Newcastle upon Tyne (trading as Newcastle University) is an “Exempt Charity” recognised by HMRC (No: X61406). As an exempt charity, the University can claim 25p for every £1 that you give, if you are a UK taxpayer. Meaning the impact of your donation is even greater, without any additional cost to you. If you are a Higher or Additional Rate taxpayer, then you can also claim the difference between your tax rate (40 or 45%) and the basic rate of tax (20%) on your total charitable donation. 

Can I donate from overseas?

We welcome donations from our international friends. For details about donating from your country, please find more information here.  

What can I expect to get back as a donor?

All our donors can expect that the money they donate will be treated with every care in order to make sure that the greatest possible impact is achieved. We will tell you how your donation is spent and will regularly communicate with you about the impact of your support. Larger donations are accompanied by a Donation Agreement that sets out the intentions of the donation and the way in which it will be used. From time to time, we hold special events for our donors giving the opportunity for you to meet with students and research teams who have benefitted from your support. 

How do you manage and protect my data?

Please visit our Privacy Policy guidelines page for more information.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with one of our Philanthropy Advisors who will be happy to help
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