Working to diversify the UK games industry

Samuel is a first year Computer Science student who has benefitted from the Ubisoft Scholarship which aims to diversify the UK games industry by offering two Black UK students a yearly bursary to go towards fees and living expenses, alongside an ongoing and comprehensive programme of mentorship from Ubisoft developers. This is Samuel's story.

My decision to study at Newcastle University was down to the course itself. It looked really promising compared to others I had researched. I also wanted to move somewhere new for university because I live in a small place and wanted to experience living somewhere bigger; compared to Belfast this place is huge. I love how big everything is. There's always something going on.

Receiving this scholarship has been a massive relief...I was trying to find ways to save here and there as much as possible but with the scholarship its really taken a load off mine and my parent's backs. I can now focus on what I need to do.

Samuel Attipoe, Ubisoft Scholarship Recipient
First year, Computer Science student

At present, I am part of the NUCATS Computer and Technology Society and I'm planning on doing trials for the rugby team and the athletics team next year. I wanted to give myself a break in the first year and then get back to athletics, rugby and all the things I used to do.

I really appreciate being selected for the scholarship and I'm grateful to those who made it possible. Thanks to this scholarship I now only have to work during the summer holidays and I can enjoy my university life without having to balance working and studying.

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