Making an impact

The Campaign for Newcastle University brings together our global community for the benefit of our students, for our world-leading research, and above all for our impact on our city and around the world. Everything we do is driven by the desire to achieve a positive impact, be that for children who will need the very best possible advances in medical care to overcome cancer in the future, or for a community in the global south facing the stark realities of climate change.  

We know that we can do so much more, but we can’t do it alone. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that when we pull together our resources, our ideas and our shared humanity, we can achieve incredible results. It has also shown that we will never know what is around the corner. We know that we will need the resilience to tackle future challenges head on. And we know that we will need your help.


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Support future generations of Newcastle graduates.


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From improved dementia care to new cancer treatments, our research is having an impact.


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Donate now and help Newcastle University tackle the impacts of climate change.


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We improve social justice and support sustainable cities and communities.


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The North East now leads in digital, life science and manufacturing expertise.


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Help us protect our shared heritage and support future generations of artists.

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