Taking action for social and environmental justice

Universities have a critical role in responding to urgent global challenges. This ethos cuts across every part of our organisation and involves everyone in our community. We have a wealth of expertise to do this, in areas including energy systems, climate resilience and low carbon transport.

We're extremely proud to rank number 1 in the UK and 8th in the world for our work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (THE Impact Rankings 2022). These goals influence everything that happens at our University, from how we manage our estate, to our research. They also inform educational programmes across all levels and across all of our faculties.

We're keenly aware that vulnerable communities are feeling the real-life impact of these global challenges, right now. And intergenerational inequalities are continuing to affect national and global policies. We recognise that social and environmental justice are interlinked issues. So our education, research and engagement are designed to tackle them together.

Making a difference

The North East of England is perfectly placed to be at the forefront of sustainable development. Our industrial ecosystem has shifted towards the production of sustainable technology. And our natural resources of water and wind give potential for further exploration of new ideas.

We are committed to equipping our students to face the changed world they will inherit by helping them to become socially responsible, future focussed, and globally aware individuals.

  • We're finding ways to reduce the number of plastic microfibres found in the ocean - millions of which are shed when we wash clothes that contain materials such as nylon, polyester and acrylic.
  • We are helping to prevent future global pandemics by tackling the environmental transmission of untreatable 'superbugs'.
  • We are mobilising data to create an overall measure of species at risk of extinction.
  • We are building on over seven decades of water research to help safeguard the future of river deltas through more resilient communities and sustainable development.
  • We are helping to decarbonise maritime operations at the Port of Tyne. 
  • Our farms provide more than 800 acres of farmland, specialist units and laboratories to support research into finding new methods for sustainable food production.
  • We offer scholarships for female students from South Asia interested in pursuing Masters studies in the field of climate change.
  • Our Climate Leadership scholarship programme provides 100 new scholarships for students to take part in climate action research and are informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
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What do we want to achieve?

We will put all our resources behind the worldwide effort to tackle the issues of social and environmental justice. But with your help, we can do even more, including:

  • Ensuring that every Newcastle student can make a tangible contribution to creating a more sustainable world.
  • Giving our researchers the freedom, resources and connections they need to tackle environmental emergencies.

Our ONE Planet Fund is dedicated to tackling climate and environmental change. Your donations will provide grants for innovative student projects and cutting edge research.

How can you help?

ONE Planet Fund

Join us in taking positive action to help our shared planet today.

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Climate Leadership Scholarships

Help fund 100 new scholarships for students to take part in environmental research.

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If you would like to discuss making a donation, at any level, please contact our team of specialist philanthropy advisors.

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