From Newcastle, for future generations 

We are from a city that has always been at the forefront of invention. We are from a region that created the first public railways and electric light bulbs. We are from a university community that looks to the world and shares ideas and inspiration across boundaries and borders.

We are proud of our heritage of discovery. But in a world of ever-increasing complexity and uncertainty, we know that challenges far outweigh the solutions. We are crystal clear in our mission to be a force for good – through education, through research and through the impact we make.

We know that we can do so much more, but we can’t do it alone.

When we pool together our resources, our ideas and our shared humanity, we can achieve extraordinary results. But we will need your help. This is why we have launched 'From Newcastle. For the World' as our first institution-wide philanthropy campaign.

Be a part of our global community supporting future students, future research and above all a future of positive change in our city and around the world.

Join us in saying proudly:

We are from Newcastle. And we are for the World

Find a cause

You can support any of our six causes to help us build a better world.

Our students

Empowering students to realise their ambitions and succeed in their chosen career, and providing support in times of greatest need.

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Our health and wellbeing

Helping future generations to lead healthier, happier and longer lives, through our medical training and scientific discovery.


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Our shared planet

Galvanising all our resources towards a fairer, stronger and more sustainable future.

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Our communities

Improving the economy, health and cultural richness of our communities, in the North East, and across the globe.

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Our future technologies

Providing solutions to future challenges by building on our strengths in innovation, engineering and technology.

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Our cultural and creative worlds

Enriching lives across the lifespan, through expanding, promoting and protecting our cultural and creative worlds.

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Our impact stories

With your support we can make amazing things happen.  

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See all the latest news about the Campaign for Newcastle University and our teaching and research.

A mother holds a newborn baby in her arms.

Finding the cause of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) & Omenn Syndrome Icon Chevron Right

Researchers camp on the snow-covered ground around a glaciar - photo taken from above.

Closer to nature’s tipping point: rapidly accelerating glacier melt in Alaska Icon Chevron Right

Angel of the North with recording equipment

Sounding the Angel: recording the memorial at the Angel of the North Icon Chevron Right

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